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Great News! The club is fully upgraded to a new all-in-one system for online registration and course management, which will help facilitate the French learning path for you and your children!


NEW student registration steps:


1. Fill out the form at this link: https://edacademy.classe365.com/form/view/pre_register_new


2. Within 24 hours of completing the registration form, you will receive your child's French online evaluation.


3️. Students complete and submit the online evaluation.


4️. A teacher reviews the evaluation and we will provide feedback and a recommended course level within 2-3 days.


5. The parent confirms the course they would like to register for, and an invoice for the corresponding course will be generated and sent to you.


6. Once the payment is processed, the student will be enrolled in their course.


Payment method

Pay with Paypal/credit card through the system (no PayPal account required).


Logging into your student/parent T.E.A. account:

After payment is confirmed, you and your child will receive your TEA account login information (parent account and student account).


For parents who are registering multiple children:

Please enter the same parent email and parent phone number on all registration forms. This way, all your children's information will be grouped under the same parent account.


Cool Fact: Our new system also has a mobile app to easily view all course information on the go.