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2023 North America French Public Speaking Contest



2023 North America French Public Speaking Contest

You are invited!

Organizers and Co-organizers

       The Education Academy

       North America French Contest committee

       Ontario Official Languages Assessment Centre     


Our Judging Panel

·        Dr. Carole

·        Double Doctoral Diplomas: Education & Music

·        Head of Ontario Official Languages Assessment Center

·        DELF French Official Examiner

·        Ontario Certified Teacher; BC Certified Teacher

·        Certified Teacher of The French Ministry for National Education

·        IB corrector

·        Ambassador of Francophone culture

·        Mme. Lyli 

·        IBO North American Appointed IB Examiner

·        DELF French test Official Examiner

·        Ontario Certified Teacher (G9-12 FI)

·        Ontario Teacher Training Supervisor, French program outline preparation

·        15+ years of teaching French Immersion with the TCDSB

·        Every student coached by Mme. Roche who has entered a provincial French-speaking contest has won first place (except for 1 special case).

·        Mme. Sarabi 

·        Chief Judge from CAISHead of the Independent Schools

·        French Public Speaking Advisor

·        Mentor to new faculty members and Curriculum Developer Leader in top private school

·        AP Specialist Teacher, AP Trainer

·        French Language Specialist Teacher at HC

·        French Lecturer in the University of Toronto and York University. 

·        IB instructor and AP Official Teacher.



• Students in grades 1-12

• Students at any French language level (different levels and ages group) can participate:

o   Core French student

o   Extended French and a private school student

o   French Immersion student

o   Francophone student


Competition time:

       Friday, December 15, 2023 from 7:30 PM

Competition location:

       Virtual Zoom Meeting Room

 Si j'avais des super pouvoirs, je ferais....”

Duration of the Presentation:
Beginner-level contestants: 1 to 1.5 minutes
Intermediate/advanced-level contestants: 2 to 2.5 minutes

*Please note that points will be deducted if the time limit is exceeded.


Contest fee: $100


·        First place: Quebec three-day tour voucher (value of $300)

·        Second place: Gift Card (value of $100)

·        Second place: Gift Card (value of $100)

Certificates and Opportunity:

       All contestants will receive two certificates from the NAFC (North America French Public Speaking Competition Committee) and the OOLAC (Ontario Official Languages Assessment Center)

 Competition Process:

       Complete a form to confirm the student’s age and French level

       Select topic and format and write a speech

o   Optional: Students can also participate in 4 high-quality preparation courses that are taught by experienced French teachers. Students will get one-on-one training on theme preparation, pronunciation, presentation skills, etc.


o   Students deliver a speech and

                   o   Answer 1-2 questions about the content of their speech (in French)


Previous Year NAFC Photo Gallery


Contest Preparation Courses

Course description: In this course, you will gain the knowledge, tips, and techniques to create an effective speech and deliver it with clarity, effectiveness and confidence. This course also aims to increase the overall ability to capture and maintain the audience’s attention while remaining calm and strong. An ideal course for students who simply want to improve their oral communication skills in Canada’s second official language.
*Offered in English and French.

Courses will include training on:

✓ Audience awareness
✓ Establishing contact
✓ Tone
✓ Mood
✓ Effective introductions and conclusions
✓ Hooks and clinchers
✓ Transitioning
✓ Structure and style
✓ Presence
✓ Adapting to the unexpected
✓ Timing
✓ Voice and Volume

Course fee: $220


Course time: Fridays, November 24th; December 1st, 8th and 14th (Thursday) 

  • 7:00-8:30 pm G2-G5
  • 7:00-9:00 pm G6-G12


Please click here for registration!