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Welcome to The Education Academy (T.E.A.)


The Education Academy (TEA)is an incorporated not-for-profit organization. Before incorporation, TEA was a parent group engaged in language education and character development training for both parents and their children starting in 2008.


After 5 years of operation and development, it has become a regional network of volunteers that promote and create after school learning opportunities in French as second language for young Canadians. Our purpose is to encourage youth to value Canada’s French heritage, appreciate francophone cultures and endeavor to excel in French language learning in their schools in hopes that they remain in the FSL program until graduating from secondary school.


We are striving to provide FSL educational supports and resources to students, parents and to a community with a multi-cultural background, including newly-arrived immigrants and residents new to the province. We especially appeal to people with Chinese and Asian backgrounds.

All of our French programs are mandated to achieve our Teacher Loves Pupils (T.O.P.) philosophy. We focus on character development in students as we strive to meet their educational needs. Parents, students and teachers love T.E.A community for its caring, home-like atmosphere, small class sizes and its rich academic programs taught with love and community-oriented values.



What make us Unique?


Terrific teachers- Our educators will know and love our children as much as you do.


Educational efficacy - We help parents to raise the bar.


Academic achievements - We construct individualized tutoring plan for each student and improve his/her academic performance.